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Geometry and Algebra of Orbifolds and the McKay Correspondence

Monday 9 - Saturday 14 August 2010

Organisers: Timothy Logvinenko (Warwick) and Miles Reid (Warwick)

All talks in Room B3.02 Mathematics Institute, Zeeman building

General Information:

The meeting is organised in collaboration with Timothy Logvinenko (Warwick), Yukari Ito (Nagoya) and Ali Craw (Glasgow), and continues the Nagoya workshop 8th-10th Mar 2010. The topics include McKay correspondence, explicit construction of resolutions as variants on G-Hilb, relations with noncommutative algebra and representations of quivers and orbifold RR.

The workshop is the final follow-up event of EPSRC 2007-08 Warwick symposium on algebraic geometry. However, the WAG 07-08 money is now long gone, and at present Warwick does not have much funds to support this activity. For further information, contact Miles Reid <>

first talk Mon 9th Aug 12:00
final talk Sat 14 Aug 12:00

Programme (PDF Document) Poster(PDF Document)

Confirmed Participants include:


Elena Andreini (SISSA) Alastair King (Bath)
Mark Blume (Münster) Stéphane Lamy (Warwick)
Raf Bocklandt (Newcastle) Timothy Logvinenko (Warwick)
Nathan Broomhead (Hannover) Diane Maclagan (Warwick)
Anita Buckley (Ljubljana) Fabio Nironi (Columbia)
Alessio Corti (Imperial) Alvaro Nolla (Nagoya)
Stephen Coughlan (Bayreuth) Ryo Ohkawa (TITech)
Alastair Craw (Glasgow) Markus Perling (Bochum)
Dai Evans (Cardiff) David Ploog (Hannover)
Barbara Fantechi (SISSA, Trieste) Alexander Quintero (Glasgow)
Tarig Abdel Gadir (Glasgow) Miles Reid (Warwick)
HAYASHI Toshihiro (Nagoya) SEKIYA Yuhi (Nagoya)
ISHII Akira (Hiroshima) Balázs Szendröi (Oxford)
ITO Yukari (Nagoya) UEHARA Hokuto (Tokyo Metropolitan)
Oskar Kędzierski (Warsaw)  


Graduate Students:

Tarig Abdel Gadir (Glasgow) Tom Sutherland (Sheffield)
HAYASHI Toshihiro (Nagoya) TAKAHASHI Keisuke (Nagoya)
SEKIYA Yuhi (Nagoya) Fabio Tonini (Scuola Normale, Pisa)


Warwick Graduate Students:

Martha Bernal Sohail Iqbal
Andrew Chan Michael Selig
Sarah Davis JUNG Seung-Jo
Sam Derbyshire Michele Torielli
Eduardo Dias ZHOU Shengtian
Umar Hayat Piotr Zwiernik



































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