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Posters/Short Communications


C. Carminati Tuning and plateaux for the entropy of α-continued fractions
A. Meson Free energies as invariants of Teichmüller like structures
A. Pohl
M. Pollicott Making chaos at home
H. Reeve-Black: Near-integrable behaviour in a model of discretized rotations
C. Rodrigues

Short Communications

Z. Buczolich: Equi-kneading of skew tent maps in the square
J. Fraser: Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
P. Hazard: Entropy on Surfaces: On a theorem of Katok and a counterexample of Rees 
H. Koivusalo: Hausdorff dimension of affine random covering sets on torus
B. Li: The multifractal spectra for the recurrence rates of beta-transformations 
L. Liao: Minimality of affine polynomials on a finite extension of the field of p-adic numbers 
J. Neunhauserer: About Li-Yorke chaos from a dimensional theoretical perspective
S. Pridhodko: Dynamical systems arising in connection with van der Corput method and applications to spectral theory
T. Sahlsten: Typical tangent measures
N. Sidorov: Supercritical holes
D. Smania: Renormalization for multimodal maps 
P. Thieullen: The Frenkel-Kontorova model for quasi-periodic environments of Fibonacci type  
D. Tuarev: Fermi acceleration in time-dependent billiards
G. Tiozzo: Topological entropy of quadratic polynomials and real sections of the Mandelbrot set
Y. Zhang: On the mixing properties of piecewise expanding maps under composition with permutations