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May 2013 School and Conference on Control and Games

7-10 May 2013, University of Warwick

Partially supported by Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Organisers: Astrid Hilbert, Vassili Kolokoltsov and Robert MacKay.

This school and conference is the fourth in a series of Warwick Spring events on control and games. The meeting will be structured around mini-courses allowing speakers to fully develop a theme. The program will be completed by the talks of other experts on the recent trends in game theory.

Mini-Courses Speakers:

Alain Bensoussan: Control and Nash Games with Mean Field Effect, slidesB

Ehud Kalai and Eran Shmaya: Learning and Stability in Repeated Games with Incomplete Information, slidesK

Georges Zaccour: Differential Games and Applications, slidesZ1, slidesZ2, slidesZ3, slidesZ4

Sorin Solomon: The Importance of Being Discrete. The emergence of complex macroscopic collective phenomena from simple elementary microscopic laws

 Abstracts and Schedule draft

Other Speakers:

Stephane Gaubert (INRIA): Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius methods applied to zero-sum games

Markus Kirkilionis (Warwick): Complex Games: Formal Extensions of Agent-Based Modelling Approaches in Economy

Wei Yang (Strathclyde): Sensitivity analysis for HJB equations with applications to coupled backward-forward systems

Vladimir Mazalov (Petrozavodsk, Karelia): Stochastic cake division procedure

Musa Mammadov (Ballarat, Australia) Turnpike theorems for time-delays systems

Peter Caines (McGill, Canada): MFG Theory for Nonlinear Systems with Major and Minor Agents

Minyi Huang (Canada): HARA uitlity mean field game and some related nonlinear behavior

Yurii Averboukh (Novosibirsk): Nash Equilibrium Strategies with Guide for n-person Differential Games

Boualem Djehiche (KTH, Stokholm): On a mean-field type optimal switching problem

Adam Ostaszewski (LSE, London): Equity Valuation from Intermittent Voluntary Information Disclosure

A related event on the 10th May see here

Previous meetings: Workshop 2010, EPSRC Symposium 2010, Workshop 2011, Workshop 2012

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