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Higher Rank Automorphic Forms and L-functions

University of Warwick, 29 April-3 May 2013
Organizers: John Cremona (Warwick), Luis Dieulefait (Barcelona), Toby Gee (Imperial), David Loeffler (Warwick), Samir Siksek (Warwick)

Schedule Group photos: 1, 2

Titles and Abstracts

Invited Speakers include

Tobias Berger (Sheffield)
Andrew Booker (Bristol)
Armand Brumer (Fordham University)
Kevin Buzzard (Imperial)
Fred Diamond (Kings College London)
Jens Funke (Durham)
Kai-Wen Lan (Minnesota)
Roger Plymen (Southampton)
James Newton (Cambridge)
David Savitt (Arizona)
Tony Scholl (Cambridge)
Chris Skinner (Princeton)
Shaun Stevens (UEA)
Jacques Tilouine (Paris 13)
Lynne Walling (Bristol)
Teruyoshi Yoshida (Cambridge)

Registration and Accommodation

Accommodation can be arranged by the Mathematics Research Centre for registered participants. Please register. Registration deadline: 29 March 2013.

Travel information

Registered Participants

Rajender Adibhatla (Hausdorff Insititute for Mathematics)
Alejandro Argaez (University of Warwick)
Barinder Singh Banwait (University of Warwick)
Daniel Roberto Barrera
Tobias Berger (University of Sheffield)
Bryan Birch (Oxford)
Christopher Blake (University of Cambridge)
Andrew Booker (University of Bristol)
Thanasis Bouganis (University of Heidelberg)
Florian Bouyer (University of Warwick)
Armand Brumer (Fordham University)
Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College London)
Cangxiong Chen (University of Cambridge)
Jenny Cooley (University of Warwick)
Jonathan Crawford (Durham University)
John Cremona (University of Warwick)
Heline Deconinck (University of Warwick)
Lassina Dembele (University of Warwick)
Sam Luc Derbyshire (King's College London)
Fred Diamond (King's College London)
Martin Dickson (University of Bristol)
Daniel Disegni (Columbia University)
Neil Dummigan (University of Sheffield)
Markus Fraczek (University of Warwick)
Daniel Fretwell (University of Sheffield)
Jens Funke (Durham)
Toby Gee (Imperial College London)
Andrew Jones (University of Sheffield)
Tristan Kalloniatis (King's College London)
Marica Knezevic (King's College)
Angelos Koutsianas (University of Warwick)
Kai-Wen Lan (University of Minnesota)
David Loeffler (University of Warwick)
Judith Ludwig (Imperial College London)
Jolanta Marianna Marzec (University of Bristol)
Alessandro Maria Masullo (University of Rome "Sapienza")
Lambros Mavrides (King's College London)
Sergio Mendes (ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute)
James Newton (University of Cambridge)
Kühn Patrick (University of Zurich)
Pietro Ploner (Università de Barcelona)
Roger John Plymen (Southampton University)
Soma Purkait (University of Warwick)
Abhishek Saha (University of Bristol)
David Savitt (University of Arizona)
Anthony Scholl (University of Cambridge)
Mehmet Haluk Sengun (University of Warwick)
Jack Shotton (Imperial College, London)
Samir Siksek (University of Warwick)
Christopher Skinner (Princeton University)
Shaun Stevens (University of East Anglia)
Damiano Testa (University of Warwick)
Holger Then (University of Bristol)
Jacques Tilouine (Universite de Paris 13)
Konstantinos Tsaltas (University of Sheffield)
Kiminori Tsukazaki (University of Warwick)
Jeanine Van Order (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
Esa Vasili Vesalainen (University of Helsinki)
Jan Vonk (Oxford University)
Lynne Walling (University of Bristol)
Thomas Ward (University of Warwick)
Mark James Watkins (University of Sydney)
Paul-James White (University of Oxford)
Thomas Wieber (University of Heidelberg)
Christopher Williams (University of Warwick)
Teruyoshi Yoshida (University of Cambridge)
Yan Zhang (School of Engineering)

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