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Colin McLarty Visit

Colin S. McLarty is the Truman P. Handy Professor of Intellectual Philosophy and of Mathematics, at Case Western Reserve University. He is a leading researcher in the field of category theory, and a highly regarded philosopher and historian of mathematics. He will be visiting Warwick for two weeks in March 2014. The following lectures are planned:

18:00 Tuesday 11 March (Birmingham)

Special Lecture hosted by the Mathematics-Philosophy joint degree

"What does it take to prove X?"
17:00 Wednesday 12 March (Warwick)

17:15 Thursday 13 March (Oxford)

"What do large scale structures add, and not add, to Cohomological Number Theory?"

19-20 March (Warwick)

Colloquium at the end of a day of supplementary lectures

16:00 Friday 21 March (Warwick)