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2013 - 2014 Events

Statistical Mechanics / Mathematics of Phase Transitions
Organisers: Roman Kotecky, Stefan Adams, Alan Sokal, Daniel Ueltschi

9-13 September 2013 (Symposium)
Models from Statistical Mechanics in Applied Sciences
Organisers: Stefan Grosskinsky, Ostap Hryniv, Florian Theil

18- 21 September 2013
Introductory School on Algebraic Geometry
Organiser: Miles Reid

27 September 2013
A Day in Analysis and Geometry
Organiser: Andrea Malchiodi

9 October 2013
EQUIP Launch Day
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

14 October 2013
MiR@W day: Model Coupling and Applications
Organisers Andreas Dedner, Christoph Ortner

21 October 2013
MiR@W day: Stochastic Growth Models
Organisers: Nikolaos Zygouras, Partha Dey

28 October 2013
MiR@W day: Model base emission control
Organisers: Florian Theil, Tim Sullivan

4th November 2013
MiR@W day: Modelling and inference for epidemics
Organisers: Matt Keeling, Simon Spencer

7th November 2013
Singularity Day
Organiser: David Mond

18th November 2013
MiR@W day: Hybrid Control of Complex Systems
Organiser: Manuela Bujorianu

28 November 2013
Graphs, Geometry and Probaility Workshop
Organiser: Agelos Georgakopoulos

9-13 December 2013 (Symposium)
Computational coarse-graining of many-body systems
Organisers: S. Adams, J. Ball, C. Le Bris, C. Ortner

20 December 2013
Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

8-10 January 2014
Warwick-Keio Seminar in Ergodic Theory
Organisers: Hitoshi Nakada, Richard Sharp

10-14 February 2014
 Nagoya-Warwick Workshop on McKay
Organisers: Professor Miles Reid, Professor Yukari Ito

18-19 February 2014
Warwick-Seoul National University Symplectic Geometry Workshop
Organiser Miles Reid

20-21 February 2014
Groups and Geometry in the South East Meeting
Organiser: Saul Schleimer

24 February 2014
MiR@W day: Distances between probability distributions
Organiser: Robert MacKay

10 March 2014
MiR@W day: Microfluidics Modelling
Organiser: Leonor Garcia Gutierrez

17-21 March 2014 (Symposium)
Many-Body Quantum Systems
Organisers: R. Seiringer, D. Ueltschi

19-20 March 2014
What does it take to prove Fermat's Last Theorem?
Organiser: Adam Epstein

25-28 March 2014
Recent Developments and Challenges in Interface and Free Boundary Problems
Organisers: C. Elliott, B. Stinner, G-Q Chen

7-11 April 2014 (Symposium)
Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics
Organisers: R. Kotecký, A. Sokal, D. Ueltschi

29 April - 2 May 2014
Dynamics Games and Optimisation
Organisers: Robert MacKay, Vassili Kolokoltsov

5-9 May 2014 (Symposium)
Phase transitions in discrete structures and computational problems
Organisers: A. Coja-Oghlan, M. Jerrum, O. Pikhurko, G. Sorkin

12-14 May 2014
Reading-Warwick Data Assimilation Meeting
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

16 May 2014
EQUIP Brainstorm
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

21 May 2014
One Day Ergodic Theory Meeting: Noncommutative Geometry, Number Theory and Dynamics
Organisers: Bram Mesland, Richard Sharp

22 May 2014
Highlights and Prospects in the Mathematics of Complexity Science
Organiser: Robert MacKay

26-30 May 2014 (Symposium)
Gradient random fields
Organisers: S. Adams, J.-D. Deuschel, R. Kotecký

29 May 2014
Award of Regius Professorship and Lecture

2 June 2014
MIR@W day / Complex Systems Dynamics (CoSyDy) Meeting: Complex Dynamics in Neuroscience
Organiser: Claude Baesens

2-6 June 2014
LMFDB Workshop
Organiser: John Cremona

9-11 June 2014
Glassy Systems and Constrained Stochastic Dynamics
Organiser: Paul Chleboun

13 June 2014
SL(2,R) dynamics on moduli space
Organiser: Vaibhav Gadre

16 June 2014
MiR@W day: Mathematical Biology
Organiser: Markus Kirkilionis

26-28 June 2014
Mini courses on Applied Algebraic Topology (SPAIN)

29 June - 4 July 2014
MASDOC Short Course on Stochastic Dynamics: Filtering and Rare Events (Combined)
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

30 June - 5 July 2014
Applied Algebraic Topology workshop (SPAIN)

30 June - 2 July 2014
Filtering High Dimensional Complex Systems
Organisers: Andy Majda and Andrew Stuart

30 June - 3 July 2014
YRM 2014
Organisers: Florian Bouyer, Jenny Cooley, Karim El Haloui, Heline Deconinck, David McCormick, Ben Pooley

3-4 July 2014
Short Lecture Course on Rare Events
Organisers: Charlie Elliott and Andrew Stuart

Friday 1 August 2014
EQUIP Familiarization
Organiser: Andrew Stuart