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The 25th British Combinatorial Conference

News & Updates

The excursion information

  • Meeting point: in front of the Mathematics Department
  • Meeting time: 12:45
  • Please wear your badges

List of changes to the program

  1. On Wednesday lunch will start at 11:45.
  2. Invited talk of M. Bodirsky "Ramsey Classes: Examples and Constructions" was moved from Friday 09:00 - 09:55 to Thursday 02:00 - 02:55.
  3. Invited talk of G. McGuire "Curves over finite fields and linear recurring sequences" was moved from Thursday 02:00 - 02:55 to Friday 09:00 - 09:55.
  4. Talk of L. Montero "Tight lower bounds on the number of bicliques in false-twin-free graphs" was moved from Monday afternoon B3.02 session at 03:55 - 04:15 to Thursday afternoon MS.02 session at 05:10 - 05:30.
  5. A talk of T. Pinto "Directed paths in the cube" was added to Monday afternoon B3.02 session at 03:55 - 04:15.
  6. There will be two 25 minutes Open Problem Sessions. The first one on Monday at 05:35 and the second one on Thursday at 05:35.

25 June 2015