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2014 - 2015 Events

UK-Japan Stochastic Analysis School
1-5 September 2014
Organisers: A. Atsuji, K. D. Elworthy, Xue-Mei Li and H. Matsumoto

(School) Introduction to Derived categories (Symposium)
8-12th Sep 2014
Organisers: Alexander Efimov, Timothy Logvinenko, Miles Reid

PIRE Workshop: Atomistic and Multi-Scale Models of Materials 
15-18 Sept 2014
Organizers: Giovanni Leoni, Christoph Ortner and Florian Theil

McKay correspondence, orbifolds, quivers (Symposium)
15-19 Sep 2014
Organisers: Miles Reid, Timothy Logvinenko

BrAG British Algebraic Geometry Meeting
22-24 Sep 2014
Organisers: Arend Bayer (Edinburgh), Milena Hering (Edinburgh), Diane Maclagan (Warwick) and Balázs Szendrői (Oxford)

Complex and Symplectic Geometry
3 November 2014
Organiser: Weiyi Zhang

MiR@W day: Reduced Order Models and Applications in Uncertainty Quantification
17 November 2014
Organisers: Aretha Teckentrup, Claudia Schillings

MiR@W day: PDEs on manifolds with applications to cell biology
24 November 2014
Organisers: Hans Fritz, Charles Elliott

Warwick Imperial Autumn Meeting (WIMP)
29 November 2014
Organiser: Ben Wormleighton

LMS Network Meeting on Harmonic Analysis & PDEs
8th December 2014
Organiser: Jose Rodrigo

DG enhancements and higher category methods (Symposium)
8-12 Dec 2014
Organisers: Alexander Efimov, Timothy Logvinenko

Mathematical Challenges for Long Epidemic Time Series
16-17 December 2014
Organiser: Thomas House

Synthetic Biology meets Mathematics (MiRaW day)
19 January 2015
Organisers: Markus Kirkilionis, Orkun Soyer

Concentration Period, Moduli Spaces and Derived Categories (Symposium)
12th January 2015 - 13th March 2015
Organisers: Peter Newstead, Miles Reid

Uncertainty in Complex Computer Models (MiRaW day)
2 February 2015
Organiser: Andrew Stuart

MathSys Study Group Problem Presentations (MiR@W day)
9 February 2015
Organisers: Colm Connaughton, Robert MacKay

Geometry from stability conditions (Symposium)
16-20 Feb 2015
Organisers: Arend Bayer, Tom Bridgeland

Groups and Geometry in the South East
27th February 2015
Local Organiser: Saul Schleimer (Warwick)

(School) Derived categories, Weyl algebras and Hodge theory (Symposium)
16-20 Mar 2015
Organisers: Dmitry Rumynin, Toby Stafford

Neglected Tropical Disease Modelling
23 - 27 March 2015
Orgainser: Deirdre Hollingsworth

Derived categories, algebra and representation theory (Symposium)
23-27 Mar 2015
Organisers: Iain Gordon, Dmitry Rumynin, Toby Stafford

Symplectic techniques in derived algebraic geometry (Symposium)
7-17 Apr 2015
Organisers: Kai Behrend, Barbara Fantechi, Timo Schürg

Ergodic Theory meeting
Thursday 9th April
Organiser: Richard Sharp

MASDOC Summer School: Topics in Renormalisation Group Theory and Regularity Structures
11-15 May 2015
Organiser: Stefan Adams

Variational Methods for Stationary and Evolutionary Problems
12 May 2015
Orgainser: Filip Rindler

Random walks on graphs and potential theory
18-22 May 2015
Organiser: Agelos Georgeokopolous

MASDOC-EQUIP Short Course on Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems
1-2 June 2015
Organisers: Charlie Elliott and Andrew Stuart

Derived categories and birational geometry (Symposium)
1-6 June 2015
Organisers: Alexander Kuznetsov, Timothy Logvinenko

Understanding Small-Scale Flows (MiR@W day)
8 June 2015
Organisers: James Sprittles, Alex Patronis, Dave Stephenson

Relations Between Banach Space Theory and Geometric Measure Theory
8-12 June 2015
Organisers: Olga Maleva (Birmingham), David Preiss (Warwick)

Complexity Science Summer School 2015
8-12 June 2015
Organisers: Colm Connaughton, Emre Esenturk

Fourier--Mukai, 34 years on (Symposium)
15-19 Jun 2015
Organisers: Peter Newstead, VBAC committee

Homological Mirror Symmetry and Hodge Theory (Symposium)
29 Jun-3 Jul 2015
Organiser: Ludmil Katzarkov

Regularity and Analytic Methods in Combinatorics LMS-CMI Research School
1-5 July 2015
Organisers: Peter Keevash (Oxford), Daniel Kráľ (Warwick), Oleg Pikhurko (Warwick) and Nick Woodhouse (CMI)

25th British Combinatorial Conference
6-10 July 2015
Organizers: Artur Czumaj, Agelos Georgakopoulos, Daniel Kral, Vadim Lozin, Oleg Pikhurko

7 July 2015 LMS Regional Meeting, followed by:
8-10 July 2015
Conference on Finite Simple Groups and Related Topics
Organisers: Inna Capdeboscq, Bob Guralnick (UCS), Chris Parker (Birmingham), John Shareshian (Washington University), Ronald Solomon (OSU)

20-24 July 2015
Advances in Geometric Analysis
Organisers: Mario Micallef (Warwick), Andre Neves (Imperial), Bill Minicozzi (MIT), Jaigyoung Choe (KIAS)

23rd July 2015
Workshop on 3-manifolds
Organiser: Vaibhav Gadre