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Ergodicity breaking and anomalous dynamics

10-12 August 2016

Organisers: Colm Connaughton, Nick Moloney, Yuzuru Sato and Nick Watkins

In partnership with the London Mathematical Laboratory

Scientific Scope

This workshop aims to address phenomena that are broadly encompassed by anomalous dynamics, both from a stochastic processes and dynamical systems perspective. A particularly interesting manifestation of the anomalous occurs if time and ensemble averages differ, even though the underlying phase space remains accessible. Such weak ergodicity breaking has been observed experimentally in a variety of single-particle tracking experiments, supporting the large body of theoretical work on continuous-time random walks and dynamical systems. Anomalous dynamics also has consequences for the interpretation of power spectra from fractional renewal processes, and the protocol for recording measurements as a result of aging. This workshop welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds to discuss results and open questions.

Invited Speakers

Alex Adamou (London Mathematical Laboratory)

Takuma Akimoto (Keio University)

Eduardo G. Altmann (MPIPKS, Dresden)

Eli Barkai (Bar Elan Univ)

Anna Bodrova (Moscow State University)

Nikolai Brilliantov (University of Leicester)

Sandra Chapman (Warwick)

Marco Dentz (Barcelona)

Itzhak Fouxon (Yonsei University)

Holger Kantz (Dresden)

Bronius Kaulakys (Vilnius)

Ralf Metzler (Potsdam)

Guenter Radons (Chemnitz)

Yuzuru Sato (Hokkaido University and LML)

Enrico Scalas (Sussex)

Igor Sokolov (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Alex Weron (Hugo Steinhaus Center, Wroclaw)


The programme for the workshop can be found here (still subject to revision).


All Warwick EPSRC Mathematics Symposium workshops are open to all interested parties within the mathematical sciences community in the UK and internationally, both in academia and, where appropriate, in industry.

There is no registration fee for this workshop although all prospective participants are required to register here (scroll down until you find the link for this workshop).

Registration deadline is Monday 18 July 2016.

The total number of participants may be limited by room capacity. In the event that the workshop is over-subscribed, the organisers will use their discretion when issuing invitations.

Poster presentations

There is the option to present a poster at the meeting for those who wish to do so. If you would like to bring a poster, please send an email to Hazel dot Higgens at warwick dot ac dot uk after you register to let her know.

Logistical information and financial support

The meeting will take place in the Zeeman Building at the University of Warwick. Information about Warwick and how to get here can be found in the links on the right.

The EPSRC has provided limited funds to support the travel and accommodation expenses of workshop participants. We expect visitors to cover travel and accommodation expenses from their own grants whenever reasonable to do so. Financial support can be requested during the registration process.

For further information contact Colm Connaughton (C dot P dot Connaughton at warwick dot ac dot uk) or Nick Moloney (n dot moloney at lml dot org dot uk).

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