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3C in G

EPSRC Program Grant 3C in G

Classification, Computation, and Construction: New Methods in Geometry

Opening activity: Thu 13th – Sat 15th Oct 2016

This conference kicks off the Imperial-Cambridge-Warwick EPSRC funded 5 year Program Grant "Classification, Computation, and Construction: New Methods in Geometry" (3C in G). The meeting is primarily designed as a small-scale opening event to consolidate links between the teams and with our close collaborators.

The conference takes place at Warwick Univ. (Scarman House) from Thu 13th Oct (first lecture starting 12:00) to Sat 15th Oct (final lecture ending 13:00). The expected speakers include the 4 grant holders (Alessio Corti, Tom Coates, Mark Gross and Miles Reid), our first batch of PostDocs (Sara Filippini, Liana Heuberger, Alan Thompson plus Genival Da Silva Jr.). Additional confirmed speakers include Al Kaspzryk (Nottingham), Philip Candelas (Oxford) and Wolfram Decker (Kaiserslautern). We may invite one or two further outside collaborators.

Invited speakers and a number of outside participants will be covered by the 3C in G grant. Anyone interested in taking part should register on the Warwick MRC conference page and contact one of us for more information.

Organisers: Miles Reid <> and Alessio Corti <>

Opening activity: Thu 13th – Sat 15th Oct 2016


All lectures except the Department colloquium take place in Scarman House, Space 41.

Thu 13th Oct
11:00 coffee in Scarman House
12:00 Alessio Corti, 3C in G: what are we going to do?
13:00 Buffet lunch in Scarman
2:00 Sara Filippini (Marseille), The tropical vertex group and refined curve counting
3:00 coffee
3:30 Al Kaspzryk (Nottingham), Singularity content and mutation graphs
5:00 Wolfram Decker (Kaiserslautern), Current challenges in the development of open source computer algebra systems
6:30 Indian style dinner in Math Common Room

Fri 14th Oct
9:30 Alan Thompson, K3-fibred Calabi-Yau threefolds and mirror symmetry
10:30 Coffee in Scarman
10:45 Christian Eder (Kaiserslautern), Parallel Gröbner basis computation over finite fields
12:00 Philip Candelas (Oxford), Elliptic K3 fibrations and the structure of the Kreutzer Skarke plot
13:00 Buffet lunch in Scarman
2:00 Miles Reid, Graded ring constructions, examples of the current state
3:00 coffee in Scarman (then make your way to Math for the colloquium)
3:05-3:55 in C0.08, Zeeman building: 3C in G Steering Committee (for committee members only)
4:00 in B3:02 Warwick Math colloquium: Tom Coates, Mirror symmetry and classification
5:05 Wine reception
7:00 Social dinner in Scarman

Sat 15th Oct
9:30 Liana Heuberger, Anticanonical systems on Fano 4-folds
10:45 Genival Da Silva Jr, The arithmetic of the Landau-Ginzburg model of a certain class of threefolds
12:00-13:00 Mark Gross, Intrinsic mirror symmetry
13:00 Buffet lunch in Scarman

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