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Interactions of Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry

1-4 August 2017

Organiser: Tian-Jun Li, Yongbin Ruan, Weiyi Zhang

The workshop is intended to gather experts from both algebraic and symplectic geometries to broaden and deepen the interactions of these two subjects. It will provide a forum for discussions on recent developments and outstanding open problems.

Funds are available for UK academics for accomodation and travel.



Miguel Abreu (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon), Hamid Ahmadinezhad (Loughborough), Yalong Cao (Oxford/IPMU), Josef Dorfmeister (NDSU), Jonny Evans (UCL), Iva Halacheva (Lancaster), Jianxun Hu (Sun Yat Sen University), Qingyuan Jiang (CUHK), Dogancan Karabas (KCL), S.M.B. Kashani (Tarbiat Modarres), Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook), Yankı Lekili (KCL), Tian-Jun Li (Minnesota), Nicholas Lindsay (KCL), Cheuk Yu Mak (IAS), Emily Maw (UCL), Mark McLean (Stony Brook), Milena Pabiniak (Cologne), Dmitri Panov (KCL), Daniel Pomerleano (Imperial), Ivan Smith (Cambridge), Jack Smith (Cambridge), Richard Thomas (Imperial), Zhiyu Tian (CNRS), Zuoqin Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)


Louis Bonthrone, Ben Brown, Gavin Brown, Yiwen Chen, Miles Reid, Alan Thompson, Weiyi Zhang

Title and Abstract

Currently available titles and abstracts can be found here.


The current schedule (subject to revision) is available here.


All the talks will be in B3.02, Mathematica Institute, Zeeman Building.

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