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Local Information


  • Accommodation costs for all participants are covered by our EPSRC grant. Participants will be accommodated on campus, in Arden Halls, unless they have made alternative arrangements or are local. All workshop activities will happen in Scarman House, where there will be lunch as well as tea and coffee for participants. You should have received information about your accommodation from the MRC office. It's a 5-10 minute wak from Arden to Scarman (not tested!).


  • For general information on how to get to Warwick see here.
  • Keep all your receipts for reimbursement. If you come by taxi from Birmingham Airport please try to find others arriving at the same time and share. I recommend that you do use a taxi from the airport and not the alternative (short train ride to Coventry station and then a bus).


  • We will provide lunch each day Monday-Friday as well as tea and coffee. On Monday and Tuesday lunch will be a buffet delivered to the meeting room; on the other days it will be in Scarman's Lakeside restaurant.
  • On every evening dinner will be available in Arden for those staying there: this is included as part of a 24-hour rate for participants. Those staying in Kenilworth can avail themselves of one of many eating options there.

Meeting Room

  • We will meet each day from 9am in "Space 41 (M)" in Scarman. This room should also be available in the evenings (Monday - Thursday).

Internet access

  • You can use eduroam anywhere on campus. Please set up eduroam in your home institution before you leave for the workshop!
  • Otherwise there is a system of registering for wifi access on arrival. We will also have a wired router in the workshop meeting room.