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LMFDB Workshop

12-16 June 2017

Local organisers: John Cremona, Nicolas Mascot, Aurel Page

Additional Scientific organisers: John Voight (Dartmouth), Haluk Sengun (Sheffield)

Workshop focus: Classical, Hilbert and Bianchi Modular Forms, their L-functions and Galois representations, as well as general LMFDB development.

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This workshop is one of a series during which development will take place on the LMFDB (L-functions and Modular Forms Database) project. As usual with workshops in this series, there will be few lectures with most of the time devoted to LMFDB-related work and development. We will have discussions on general LMFDB development and future plans, as well as the main focus of activity which will be on classical, Hilbert and Bianchi modular forms and their L-functions, and Galois representations.

Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only. If you would like to visit for a longer period to collaborate with people at Warwick, or each other, please ask.

Registration has now closed.

Local Information

Accommodation, meals, transport, internet access etc.


Organisational wiki page

List of Participants

Name Affiliation Arrival Departure
Samuele Anni Heidelberg 11/6 15/6
Jonathan Bober Bristol 11/6 15/6
Andy Booker Bristol 12/6 16/6
Alina Bucur UCSD 11/6 18/6
John Cremona Warwick 12/6 16/6
Edgar Costa Dartmouth 11/6 17/6
Maarten Derickx Bayreuth 12/6 16/6
Stephen Donnelly Sydney 11/6 16/6
David Farmer AIM 10/6 17/6
Kiran Kedlaya UCSD 13/6 16/6
Sally Koutsoliotas Bucknell 10/6 17/6
Min Lee Bristol 11/6 16/6
Stefan Lemurell Chalmers 11/6 15/6
David Lowry-Duda Brown 11/6 17/6
Nicolas Mascot Warwick 12/6 16/6
Pascal Molin Paris 11/6 17/6
Bartosz Naskrecki Bristol 12/6 16/6
Aurel Page Warwick 12/6 16/6
David Platt Bristol 11/6 16/6
Alexander Rahm Luxembourg 11/6 17/6
David Roberts Minnesota 11/6 17/6
Ciaran Schembri Sheffield 12/6 16/6
Haluk Sengun Sheffield 11/6 17/6
Samir Siksek Warwick 12/6 16/6
Fredrik Stromberg Nottingham 11/6 15/6
Andrew Sutherland MIT 14/6 14/6
John Voight Dartmouth 11/6 18/6
Dan Yasaki UNCG 11/6 17/6

The workshop is funded by the EPSRC Programme Grant: LMF - L-functions and modular forms.


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