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LMS Women in Maths Day Posters

Tahani Al-Karkhi (Essex) Spatiotemporal Patterns in An Infochemical Mediated Plankton Predator-Prey Model

Aamena Al-Qabani (Reading) Fredholm Properties of Toeplitz Operator on Fock Spaces

Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery (Manchester) Gaussian process approximations for fast inference from infectious disease data

Maha Hussein Kaouri (Reading) Novel Optimization Methods for Data Assimilation

Ana Claudia Lopes Onorio (Southampton) Splitting of groups and action on trees

Sophie Meakin (Warwick) Correlations between stochastic epidemics in coupled populations

Vandita Patel (Warwick) Fermat's Last Theorem and Beyond

Rosemary Taylor (Warwick) Constructing Fano 3-folds with type II1 unprojections

Polina Vytnova (Warwick) A Study of the zero set of a Selberg zeta function

Ellen Webborn (Warwick) The mathematics of distributed demand-side response

Cristina Villanueva Segovia (Birmingham) Lipschitz quotient mappings on the plane

Rachel Wilkerson (Warwick) Towards Model Based Causation