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2016-17 Warwick EPSRC Symposium: Geometric PDEs

12-16 December 2016

Organisers: P. Topping (Warwick), A. Neves (Imperial), N. Wickramasekera (Cambridge), M. Dafermos (Cambridge), C. Warnick (Imperial)

Scientific summary: Geometric PDE has been flourishing around the world over recent years, and particularly in the UK. This workshop is aimed at accelerating this development, and making the progress accessible to UK PhD students and postdocs.
We plan to emphasise areas of exceptional UK expertise such as geometric flows (e.g. Ricci flow, mean curvature flow etc.), minimal surfaces (including min-max methods and regularity theory), and mathematical relativity (e.g. black hole stability problems). All these fields have enjoyed spectacular progress over recent years. The field of geometric flows has developed remarkably and its impact on neighbouring areas through the solution of famous problems in topology and geometry has even reached a lay audience. Minimal surface theory has seen a resurgence of interest in min-max methods leading to the solution of the Willmore conjecture amongst others. Recent breakthroughs in the field of mathematical relativity include the resolution of the L2-curvature conjecture, and significant advances towards addressing the major open problems of black hole stability and cosmic censorship.
All these fields promise much more to come, both in terms of their development and in terms of their success in solving famous open problems in other fields. We will be aiming to provide a forum for many of the new UK appointments in this general area to speak alongside international experts. The large number of UK postdocs and students in the area will have an excellent opportunity to hear leaders of their fields. In addition, we plan to offer speaking opportunities to a substantial number of UK postdocs in the spirit of the well-established annual ”Junior Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis Seminar" which will be incorporated into this event for 2016.





Lucas Ambrozio (Imperial)
Costante Bellettini (UCL)
Pieter Blue (Edinburgh)
Paul Bryan (Warwick)
Reto Buzano (QMUL)
Filippo Cagnetti (Sussex)
Alessandro Carlotto (ETH Zuerich)
Guido De Philippis (SISSA)
Grigorios Fournodavlos (Cambridge)
Dejan Gajic (Imperial)
Gustav Holzegel (Imperial)
Wenshuai Jiang (Warwick)
Andrea Mondino (Warwick)
Rafael Montezuma (Imperial)
Luc Nguyen (Oxford)
Filip Rindler (Warwick)
Melanie Rupflin (Oxford)
Felix Schulze (UCL)
Arick Shao (QMUL)
Ben Sharp (Warwick)
Giuseppe Tinaglia (KCL)
Daniele Valtorta (Uni Zuerich)


The workshop is expected to begin at approx. 10.15am on the Monday, with coffee, and the first talk is expected to be around 11am. We expect to end at lunchtime on the Friday.

Workshop dinner:

Wednesday 14 December 2016 at the Queen and Castle, Kenilworth.

Registration is now closed.

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