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MiR@W Day: The three body problem: Application to Satellites, Planets, and Stars

2 March 2020

Organisers: Dimitri Veras (Physics), Robert MacKay

Unsolved and centuries-old, the three-body problem has become increasingly relevant with the launch of artificial satellites and the discovery of extrasolar planets. On this day we will take a critical look at the three-body problem from the perspectives of mathematics, planetary science and astrodynamics.

Talks in B3.02 Zeeman building, refreshments in Mathematics common room (1st floor)

12.20-13.00: Buffet lunch

13.05-13.15: Dimitri Veras and Robert MacKay, Welcome and Introduction

13:15-13:55: Caroline Terquem (Physics, Oxford): Mean motion resonances, with applications to planets and discs

14:00-14:40: Jacques FĂ©joz (Mathematics, Paris): KAM theory and the Solar System

14.45-15.25: Robert MacKay and Tom Syndercombe (Mathematics, Warwick): Regions for the PCR3BP through which pass no invariant tori of given class

15.30-16.00: Tea break

16.00-16.40: Colin McInnes (Engineering, Glasgow): Engineering the restricted three-body problem: astrodynamics and applications

16.45-17.25: Dimitri Veras (Physics, Warwick): Hill stability, Lagrange stability and central configurations in stellar and planetary systems

17.30-18.15: Drinks and Nibbles