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2019-20 Events

YRANT 2019
6-8 November 2019
Organisers: Mattia Sanna, Alessandro Arlandini

Warwick Imperial Autumn Meeting
30 November 2019
Organisers: James Taylor (Warwick), Ali Barkhordarian (Imperial)

School on Bridgeland Stability
16-20 December 2019
Organiser: Miles Reid

MiR@W Day: Detection of modes of oscillation
13th January 2020
Organiser: Robert MacKay

Statistical aspects of geodesic flows in nonpositive curvature
20-23 January 2020
Organisers: Yuri Lima, Ian Melbourne

MiR@W Day: Supply Networks
27th January 2020
Organisers: Bazil Sansom (Economics/Maths), Robert MacKay

MiR@W Day: MathSys MSc group projects
3 February 2020
Organiser: Colm Connaughton

MiR@W Day: The Three Body Problem: Application to Satellites, Planets, and Stars
2 March 2020
Organisers: Dimitri Veras (Physics), Robert MacKay

MiR@W Day: Understanding cellular decision-making: designing data-analytics for single cell data
9 March 2020
Organisers: David Rand, Meritxell Sáez

MiR@W Day: Climate Change, Attribution Science and the Law
27 April 2020
Organiser: David Mond

Geometry, Stochastics & Dynamics: Celebrating 20 years of UK-Japan Winter Schools
11-15 May 2020
Organisers: J. Berndt (Kings College, London), J. Bolton (Durham), K.D.Elworthy (Warwick), Martin Guest (Waseda, Tokyo), Xue Mei Li (Imperial), Y. Maeda (Tohoku)

Postponed due to the pandemic

MiR@W Day: Ergodicity
18 May 2020
Organisers: Ian Melbourne, Roger Farmer (Economics)

Macaulay2 workshop
1-5 June 2020
Organiser: Diane Maclagan

TopFlavours 2020
18-19 June 2020
Organisers: Igor Sikora, Alvaro Torras Casas

Postponed due to the pandemic