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Ricci flow and related topics

27-31 March 2023
Organiser: Peter Topping (Warwick)

This workshop is devoted to recent developments in Ricci flow and neighbouring areas.

Workshop photo



  • Christoph Böhm (Münster)
  • Reto Buzano (Torino)
  • Pak-Yeung Chan (UC San Diego)
  • Eric Chen (UC Berkeley)
  • Ronan Conlon (UT Dallas)
  • Max Hallgren (Rutgers)
  • Dan Knopf (UT Austin)
  • Brett Kotschwar (Arizona)
  • Yi Lai (Stanford)
  • ManChun Lee (CU Hong Kong)
  • Ovidiu Munteanu (Connecticut)
  • Tristan Ozuch (MIT)
  • Felix Schulze (Warwick)
  • Miles Simon (Magdeburg)
  • Max Stolarski (Warwick)
  • Bing Wang (USTC)
  • Lu Wang (Yale)
  • Guofang Wei (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Matthias Wink (Münster)
  • Markus Wolff (Tübingen)
  • Hao Yin (USTC)

Some local support may be available to non-speaking participants (accommodation and some meals). This can be requested during registration. But we will not be offering any travel support, whatever the registration form says.


MS.03 (2 floors up from main entrance, Zeeman building, University of Warwick)


Our optimal train station is normally Coventry, which is about 3 miles away, unless you are coming from Oxford in which case Leamington Spa is normally better.
Birmingham BHX is our closest airport (with a frequent 10-15 min cheap train ride to Coventry station). London Heathrow LHR can be an option, particularly for direct intercontinental flights, but the ground transportation is longer and more expensive.


This workshop is expected to be in-person only.

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