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Birmingham-Warwick One-Day Combinatorics Meeting

On Tuesday, June 14th, we are holding a one-day meeting with the University of Birmingham in the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick. The schedule is below (which will be updated in due course).

10:00-10:30 Tea & Coffee Common Room
10:30-11:15 Talk 1 - Allan Lo (University of Birmingham) Room MS.04
11:20-12:05 Talk 2 - Vadim Lozin (University of Warwick) Room MS.04
12:10-14:10 Lunch Common Room
14:10-14:55 Talk 3 - Tom Kelly (University of Birmingham) Room MS.04
15:00-15:45 Talk 4 - George Kontogeorgiou (University of Warwick) Room MS.04
15:50-16:20 Tea & Coffee Common Room
16:20-17:05 Talk 5 - Andrea Freschi (University of Birmingham) Room MS.04
17:10-17:55 Talk 6 - Torsten M├╝tze (University of Warwick) Room MS.04

To register, click on 'here' in the Registration section (located in the right column), find Birmingham-Warwick One-Day Combinatorics Meeting, click 'Continue', login to your account (you will need to set one up if this is your first time registering for an event at Warwick) and then enter your details.

Abstracts (and a copy of the schedule) can be found here: Schedule and abstractsLink opens in a new window

This meeting is supported by ERC Advanced Grant 101020255.

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