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Algebraic Geometry (PhD Reading Seminar) 2012-13

This reading course/seminar adresses all PhD students who want to broaden their background knowledge in Algebraic Geometry. We loosely follow Ravi Vakil's lecture notes, which can be found on his web page:

(PDF Document) Ravi Vakil's lecture notes

We will meet two hours a week, where one is devoted to a lecture and one is designated to a moderated discussion. The exact times will be up soon.

Spring Term

Week Date Chapter Speaker
16 9.-13.1 8/9: Useful classes of morphisms/ Closed immersions Heng Xie
17 16.-20.1 10/11: Fibred products/ separated and proper morphism Rory Potter
18 23.-27.1 12/13: Dimension/smoothness

Michael Mourao

19 30.1-3.2 14: (Quasi-)coherent sheaves Tom Ducat
20 6.-10.2 15: Line bundles Kostas Karagiannis
21 13.-17.2 16/17: Quasicoherent sheaves on projective A-schemes/Pushforwards & Pullbacks of quasicoherent sheaves Andrew Chan
22 20.-24.2 18: Relative versions of Spec and Proj David Holmes
23 27.2-2.3 19: Blowing up a scheme along a closed subscheme Michael Selig
24 5.-9.3 20: Cech cohomology Simon Markett

We only assigned nine talks leaving us with one spare week. This week can used if a speaker needs extra time.

All questions can be sent to Kostas Konstantinos dot v dot karagiannis at gmail dot com or Simon S dot A dot Markett at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Autumn Term

Week Date (lecture) Chapter Speaker
2 13.10 2:Some category theory Question session
3 20.10 3:Sheaves I Kostas Karagiannis
4 27.10 3:Sheaves II Kostas Karagiannis
5 2.11 4:Toward affine schemes I Andrew Chan
6 9.11 4:Toward affine schemes II Michael Selig
7 16.11 5:Structure sheaf, general schemes Simon Markett
8 23.11 6:Properties of schemes I Tom Ducat
9 30.11 6:Properties of schemes II Stephanos Papanikolopoulos
10 7.12 7:Morphisms on schemes Heng Xie