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Noncommutative Geometry, Number Theory and Dynamics 2013-14

Organizers: Bram Mesland, Richard Sharp .

During weeks 2-7 of term 3, this special seminar series will host a series of talks by research visitors and local speakers. Its purpose is to showcase the current interplay between operator algebraic noncommutative geometry and the more traditional fields of dynamics and number theory.

The seminar will meet on Wednesdays from 1-3 pm, except on May 14th, when the meeting will be at 3pm. On May 21st, the seminar will be held as part of a One Day Ergodic Theory Meeting, and there will be a series of three talks.

Topics include boundary actions of Kleinian and hyperbolic groups, arithmetic lattices, subshifts of finite type and class field theory. No prior knowledge of noncommutative geometry is required.

Date Speaker Title Room
30-04-2014 Bram Mesland, Warwick Noncommutative geometry and boundary actions MS.01
07-05-2014 Xin Li, Queen Mary Dynamical systems and C*-algebras MS.01
14-05-2014 Haluk Sengun, Warwick Noncommutative geometry and arithmetic manifolds MS.01

Markus Fraczek, Warwick

Gunther Cornelissen, Utrecht

Bogdan Nica, Goettingen

Zeros of the Selberg zeta function and involutions of Maass wave forms

Graph reconstruction and noncommutative geometry

Boundaries of hyperbolic groups: dynamics and analysis from a noncommutative viewpoint

28-05-2014 Robin Deeley, Clermont-Ferrand Correspondences for Smale spaces B3.02
04-06-2014 Magnus Goffeng, Hannover Finite summability on Cuntz Krieger algebras B3.02