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Number Theory Seminar 2009-10

Number Theory Seminar
University of Warwick

Unless otherwise specified, the number theory seminar takes place on Mondays 15:00–16:00 in seminar room B3.03

(Previous Warwick Number Theory Seminars can be found here.)

Term 3


Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (Cambridge)
Density of rational points on certain K3 surfaces

Tuesday 04.05.2010
Room A1.01
Mohammad Sadek (Cambridge)
Counting n-coverings of elliptic curves over the rationals

Bryan Birch (Oxford)
Special values of L-functions: an introduction to an introduction

17.05.2010 No seminar
24.05.2010 Bill Hart (Warwick)
Fast arithmetic with the FFT explained
Tuesday 01.06.2010 George Walker (Bristol)
Computing the number of points on varieties over finite fields using p-adic cohomology

Tim Browning (Bristol)
Quadratic polynomials represented by norms

14.06.2010 Sanju Velani (York)
Littlewood, Schmidt and multiplicatively badly approximable sets
21.06.2010 Vladimir Dokchitser (Cambridge)
Ranks of elliptic curves: local formulae
28.06.2010 Rachel Newton (Cambridge)
Explicit local reciprocity for tame extensions



Term 2

11.01.2010 Robin Chapman (Exeter)

18.01.2010 Fernando Rodriguez Villegas (University of Texas at Austin)
Hypergeometric motives

25.01.2010 No Seminar

01.02.2010 David Brown (Berkeley)
Explicit modular approaches to generalized Fermat equations

08.02.2010 Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford)
Counting points on cubic curves

15.02.2010 David Solomon (Kings College London)
Annihilating ideals for class groups of number fields

22.02.2010 Arsen Elkin (Warwick)
Endomorphisms of hyperelliptic Jacobians 

01.03.2010 David Loeffler (Warwick)
p-adic interpolation of automorphic forms

08.03.2010 Thotsaphon Thongjunthug (Warwick)
The complex AGM and periods of elliptic curves over C

15.03.2010 Henri Johnston (Cambridge)
A non-abelian Stickelberger theorem

Term 1

05.10.2009 Herbert Gangl (Durham)
Double zeta values and periods of modular forms

12.10.2009 David Holmes (Warwick)
Arithmetic surfaces and intersection theory

19.10.2009 Neil Dummigan (Sheffield)
Symmetric square L-values and dihedral congruences for cusp forms

26.10.2009 Martin Bright (Warwick)
Torsors on Neron models of tori

02.11.2009 Kimi Tsukazaki (Warwick)
Counting points on elliptic curves in characteristics 2 and 3

09.11.2009 Lassina Dembele (Warwick)
Nonsolvable Galois number fields ramified only at 3 and 5

16.11.2009 Sander Dahmen (University of British Columbia)
Constant torsion on elliptic curves and generalised superelliptic equations

23.11.2009 Maite Aranes (Warwick)
Manin symbols over number fields

30.11.2009 No seminar

07.12.2009 Victor Flynn (Oxford)
Twists of surfaces