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Number Theory 2015-16

Unless otherwise specified, the seminars are held on Mondays at 15:00 in Room B3.03 – Mathematics Institute

2015-16, Term 3

Organiser: Marc Masdeu

April 25

Jack Lamplugh (UCL)
A 3-variable main conjecture for the Rankin-Selberg convolution of two CM modular forms

May 2

NO SEMINAR (Bank Holiday)

May 9

Peng Xu (Warwick)
Local converse problem for $p$-adic $\mathrm{GL}_n(F)$

May 16

Simon Myerson (Oxford)
Real and rational systems of forms

May 23

Christian Wuthrich (Nottingham)
Numerical modular symbols for elliptic curves

May 30

NO SEMINAR (Bank Holiday)

June 6

Przemyslaw Chojecki (Oxford)
Overconvergent modular forms and perfectoid Shimura curves

June 13

Daniel Kohen (U. Buenos Aires / IMAS)
Some Heegner point constructions

June 20

Florian Bouyer (Warwick)
On the arithmetic of a family of quartic K3 surfaces

June 27 29

Chris Williams (Warwick)
Overconvergent modular symbols over number fields

2015-16, Term 2

Organiser: Marc Masdeu

11 January 2016

Martin Dickson (Warwick)
Explicit refinements of Boecherer's conjecture for Siegel modular forms of square-free level

18 January 2016

Tobias Berger (Sheffield)
Oddness of residually reducible Galois representations

25 January 2016

Rachel Newton (Reading)
The Hasse norm principle for abelian extensions

1 February 2016

Samuele Anni (Warwick)

8 February 2016

Yiwen Ding (Imperial)
Companion points and locally analytic socle for GL2(L)

15 February 2016

Haluk Sengun (Sheffield)
Cohomology of arithmetic groups via Noncommutative Geometry

22 February 2016

Xavier Guitart (Barcelona)
Fields of definition of elliptic k-curves with CM and Sato-Tate groups of abelian surfaces

29 February 2016

Olivier Taïbi (Imperial)
Arthur's multiplicity formula for automorphic representations of certain inner forms of special orthogonal and symplectic groups

7 March 2016

Thomas Oliver (Bristol)
Vanishing Order of Automorphic L-Functions

14 March 2016

Paloma Bengoechea (York)
Badly approximable numbers in Twisted Diophantine Approximation

2015-16, Term 1

Organiser: Marc Masdeu


5 October 2015

Santiago Molina (CRM Barcelona)
Anti-cyclotomic p-adic L-functions and the exceptional zero phenomenon

12 October 2015

Robert Kurinczuk (Bristol)
Local L-functions, local factors, and their reductions modulo-l

19 October 2015

Fred Diamond (King's College)
Serre weights and wild ramification in two-dimensional Galois representations

26 October 2015

James Maynard (Oxford)
Polynomials representing primes

2 November 2015

Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College)
Pre-adic and adic spaces

9 November 2015

Giovanni Rosso (Cambridge)
Eigenvarieties for non-cuspidal Siegel modular forms

16 November 2015

Guhan Venkat (UCL / Warwick)
Darmon cycles and the Kohnen-Shintani lifting

23 November 2015

Jennifer Balakrishnan (Oxford)
Variations on quadratic Chabauty

30 November 2015

Adam Morgan (Warwick)
Parity of Selmer ranks in quadratic extensions

7 December 2015

Alberto Cámara (Nottingham)
On the reciprocity law for p-adic Green functions