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Number Theory Seminar 2016-17

Unless otherwise specified, the seminars are held on Mondays at 15:00 in Room B3.03 – Mathematics Institute

2016-17 Term 3

Organiser: Aurel Page

24th April

 Joe Kramer-Miller (UCL)

Genus stability in $p$-adic towers of curves

2nd May

Tuesday 3pm A1.01

 Alexander Betts (Oxford)

Non-abelian Bloch-Kato Selmer sets and heights on abelian varieties

8th May

 Carlo Pagano (Leiden)

Distribution of ray class groups: $4$-ranks and general model

15th May


 Chris Willams (Imperial)

p-adic Asai L-functions of Bianchi modular forms

22th May

 Rebecca Bellovin (Imperial)

Local epsilon-isomorphisms in families

30th May

Tuesday 3pm A1.01

 Winston Heap (UCL)

$L^q$ norms of Dirichlet polynomials for small $q$

5th June

 Christophe Petit (Oxford)

Post-quantum cryptography based on supersingular isogeny problems

12th June

 Vandita Patel (Warwick / Bonn)

Perfect Powers that are Sums of Consecutive like Powers

19th June

 Henri Johnston (Exeter)

The $p$-adic Stark conjecture at $s=1$ and applications

20th June

Tuesday 3pm A1.01

 Aprameyo Pal (Duisburg-Essen)

Generalization of Dasgupta's factorization formula of p-adic Rankin L-series

26th June

 Andrew Booker (Bristol)

My converse theorem obsession

2016-17 Term 2

Organiser: Samir Siksek

9th January

 Chris Birkbeck (Warwick)

Slopes of Hilbert modular forms

16th January

 Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford)

Iteration of Quadratic Polynomials Over Finite Fields

23rd January

 Andrew Corbett (Bristol)

Period integrals and special values of L-functions

30th January

 Alex Bartel (Warwick)

Heuristics for Arakelov class groups

6th February

 Daniel Loughran (Manchester)

Rational Points on Cubic Surfaces

13th February

 Matthew Spencer (Warwick)

Green and Mackey Functors in Number Theory

20th February

 Pedro Lemos (Warwick)

Serre's Uniformity Conjecture for Elliptic Curves with a Rational Cyclic Isogeny

27th February

 Celine Maistret (Warwick)

Parity of Ranks of Abelian Surfaces

6th March

 Damian Rössler (Oxford)

Rational points of varieties with ample cotangent bundle over function fields

14th March



Wojciech Gajda (UAM Poznan)

Orders of reductions of non torsion points for Abelian varieties over number fields

2016-17, Term 1

Organiser: Adam Harper

3rd October

Minhyong Kim (University of Oxford)

An arithmetic Chern-Simons invariant

10th October

Miles Reid (University of Warwick)

The Tate-Oort group scheme of order p

17th October

Fernando Xuancheng Shao (University of Oxford)

Around Goldbach type problems

24th October

Trevor Wooley (University of Bristol)

Subconvexity in certain Diophantine problems via the circle method

31st October

Joaquin Rodrigues Jacinto (University College, London)

de Rham (\varphi, \Gamma)-modules and p-adic L-functions

7th November

Alan Lauder (University of Oxford)

Stark points on elliptic curves and modular forms of weight one

14th November

Dimitar Jetchev (EPFL Lausanne)

Euler Systems from Special Cycles on Unitary Shimura Varieties and Arithmetic

21st November

Jolanta Marzec (Durham University)

On L-functions attached to Jacobi forms of higher index

28th November

Oleksiy Klurman (Université de Montréal and University College, London)

Correlations of multiplicative functions

5th December

Rodolfo Venerucci (Universität Duisburg-Essen)

Diagonal cycles and derivatives of Garrett $p$-adic $L$-functions