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Unless otherwise specified, the seminars are held on Mondays at 15:00 in Room B3.03 – Mathematics Institute

2017-18 Term 3

Organiser: David Lowry-Duda

23rd April

Adel Betina (University of Sheffield)

On the failure of Gorensteinness at weight 1 Eisenstein points of the eigencurve

30th April

Andreea Mocanu (University of Nottingham)

On Eisenstein series for Jacobi forms of lattice index

8th May

Tuesday 3pm


James Maynard (University of Oxford)

Fractional parts of polynomials

14th May

 Min Lee (University of Bristol)

Twist-minimal trace formulas and applications

21st May

 Ben Heuer (King's College London)

On elliptic curves over perfectoid fields

29th May

Tuesday 3pm

Aled Walker (University of Oxford)

Additive energy and the metric poissonian property

8th June

Friday 1pm

(in B3.03)

Micah Milinovich (University of Mississippi)

Fourier Analysis and the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function

11th June

Piper Harron (University of Hawaii)

Equidistribution of Shapes of Number Fields of degree 3, 4, and 5

18th June

Peter Humphries (University College London)

The Conductor and the Newform for Representations of GL_n(R) and GL_n(C)

25th June

Rainer Dietmann (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Lines on cubic hypersurfaces

2017-18 Term 2

Organiser: Adam Harper

8th January

Matthew Bisatt (King's College London)

Root numbers of abelian varieties

15th January

Toby Gee (Imperial College London)

Potential modularity of abelian surfaces

22nd January

Yuri Bilu (Université de Bordeaux)

Effective bounds for singular units

29th January

James Newton (King's College London)

Potential automorphy over CM fields and applications

5th February

Pankaj Vishe (Durham University)

Quartic forms in 30 variables

12th February

Steve Lester (Queen Mary University of London)

Mass equidistribution for half-integral weight modular forms

19th February

Sam Chow (University of York)

A Galois counting problem

26th February

Eero Saksman (NTNU Trondheim & University of Helsinki)

On chaos measures, statistics of Riemann zeta, and random matrices

5th March

Ayla Gafni (University of Rochester)

Extremal primes of non-CM elliptic curves

12th March

Netan Dogra (Imperial College London)

Unlikely intersections and the Chabauty-Kim method over number fields

2017-18 Term 1

Organiser: Adam Harper

2nd October

Chris Pinner (Kansas State University)

Recent Progress on the Lind-Lehmer Problem for p-groups

9th October

Tom Fisher (University of Cambridge)

Some algebras associated to genus one curves

16th October

Shaun Stevens (University of East Anglia)

Congruences and the local Jacquet-Langlands correspondence

23rd October

Raphael Steiner (University of Bristol)

Equidistribution of rational points on the sphere, Sarnak's Conjecture, and the twisted Linnik Conjecture

30th October

David Lowry-Duda (University of Warwick)

Recent progress on the generalized Gauss Circle Problem, and related topics

6th November

Stanley Xiao (University of Oxford)

Quartic orders of D4-type with monogenic cubic resolvent

13th November

Enrique Gonzalez-Jimenez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

Growth of torsion of elliptic curves in extensions of the rationals

20th November

Ben Green (University of Oxford)

The Kakeya conjecture and number theory

27th November

Sam Edis (University of Sheffield)

Congruent Numbers in Totally Real Fields

4th December

Alexandra Florea (University of Bristol)

Densities in the hyperelliptic ensemble