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Module Lists

This page gives a sample of the modules which have been available in the recent past from other departments for the Interdisciplinary Mathematics MSc. We can give no guarantee that all of them will be on offer in the coming year, but list them to give an idea of the range.

Computer Science: CS4 and CS9 options from the CS list

Physics: please see the Physics section for the MASt course or the complete PX4 list


· ES440 Computational Fluid Dynamics

· ES441 Advanced Fluid Dynamics

· ES4A3 Automobile Systems, Dynamics & Control

· ES4A4 Biomedical Systems Modelling

· ES4B5 Finite Element Methods
· ES4C3 Mathematical & Computer Modelling
· ES4C8 Signal & Image Processing

· ES4E7 Information Theory and Coding

· ES4F0 Advanced Control

· ES97E Biomechanics

· ES97H Biomedical Signal Processing


· EC9AA: The Practice of Economics Research
· EC9A3: Advanced Econometric Theory
· EC9B1: Advanced Economic Theory

Statistics: All ST4 and ST9 modules

Business School: (note special permission required from DIrector of MIR@W graduate studies to take level-3 modules)

IB352 Applied Optimization Methods
IB3J2 Decision Making under Uncertainty
IB3J3 Mathematical Game Theory: Combinatorial and Search Games
IB3A7 The Practice of Operational Research

Complexity Science: Options with CO codes are all suitable