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WMI Preprints 1980

Profiles of surfaces,
by C. McCrory

Polynomial representations of GLn,
by J.A. Green

Finitary isomorphisms with finite expected code-lengths I,
by W. Parry

Self-generation of self-replicating maps of an interval,
by W. Parry

The pre-turbulent transitions and flows of a viscous fluid between concentric rotating cylinders,
by D. Rand

Tensor products of module spectra,
by C.A. Robinson

On coding geodesics with continued fractions,
by C. Series

Subnormal composition factors of infinite groups,
by S.E. Stonehewer

An introduction to the cohomology of algebraic varieties via Hodge theory,
by J.F. Glazebrook

The second homology of the group of a knotted surface,
by R.A. Litherland

Generic curves and surfaces in 3-space contact with lines and planes,
by C. McCrory

Amenability, Kazhdan's property T, strong ergocity and invariant means for ergodic group-actions,
by K. Schmidt

Spectra of ergodic automorphisms,
by K. Schmidt

L.M.S. Symposium on Ergodic Theory - Durham 1980 (abstracts),
by W. Parry & P. Walters, eds.

Detecting knots which are not slice I,
by D. Cooper

Orbit equivalence,
by J. Lawler

Subgroups defined by series (M.Sc. dissertation),
by S.M. Paterson

Subideals and serial subalgebras of Lie algebras,
by I. Stewart

Gauge actions on 0n,
by D.E. Evans

The infinite word problem and limit sets in Fuchsian groups,
by C. Series

Applications of catastrophe theory to the physical sciences,
by I. Stewart

Bifurcation and hysteresis varieties for the thermal-chainbranching model with a negative modal parameter,
by I. Stewart

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