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WMI Preprints 1986

Primitive ideals and nilpotent orbits in type G2,
by T. Levasseur & S.P. Smith

Some remarks on the geometry and classification of germs of maps from surfaces to 3-space,
by D. Mond

On the law of iterated logarithm for Bloch functions,
by F. Przytycki

A characterisation of homotopy 3-spheres: II,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

Characterisations of S3,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

Surfaces of small degree,
by M. Reid

Tendencious survey of 3-folds,
by M. Reid

Hyperbolic structure preserving isomorphisms of Markov shifts, II,
by K. Schmidt

Boundary circles for area-preserving maps,
by J.M. Greene, R.S. Mackay & J. Stark

Announcement of a proof of the Poincaré conjecture,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

Bordism of immersed links in codimension 2,
by B.J. Sanderson

The Kervaire invariant and the Hopf invariant,
by M.G. Barratt, J.D.S. Jones & M.E. Mahowald

A dichotomy for derivations on 0n,
by O. Bratteli, D.E. Evans, F.M. Goodman & P.E.T. Jorgensen

Injectively homogeneous rings,
by K.A. Brown & C.R. Hajarnavis

Some algebraic properties of cyclic homology groups,
by C.E. Hood & J.D.S. Jones

Stochastic oscillators,
by L. Markus & A. Weerasinghe

Spectra of derived module homomorphorims. Module spectra and derived functions,
by C.A. Robinson

Completion and translation in ø,
by K.J. Carlin

An elementary inequality for the heat kernel on a Riemannian manifold & the classical limit of the quantum partition function,
by K.D. Elworthy, M. Ndumu & A. Truman

by D.B.A. Epstein & A. MardenConvex hulls in hyperbolic space, a theorem of Sullivan, & measured pleated surfaces,

The elements of operator algebras,
by D.E. Evans

Duality for automorphisms on a compact C*-dynamical system,
by D.E. Evans & A. Kishimoto

Generic bifurcation of Hamiltonian systems with symmetry,
by M. Golubitsky & I. Stewart

A proof of the Poincaré conjecture,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

The Hopf bifurcation on a hexagonal lattice,
by M. Roberts, J.W. Swift & D.H. Wagner

Subnormal subgroups of factorised groups,
by S.E. Stonehewer

Markov measures determine the zeta function,
by S. Tuncel

On three functors of M. Auslander's: to M.A. on his sixtieth birthday,
by J.A. Green

Homological and Cohen-Macaulay properties in non-commutative Noetherian rings,
by C.R. Hajarnavis

Differential operators on some singular surfaces,
by R. Hart & S.P. Smith

Rational varieties: algebra, geometry and arithmetic,
by Yu. I. Manin & M.A. Tsfasma trans. by M. Reid

Stable harmonic 2-spheres in symmetric spaces,
by F. Burstall, J. Rawnsley & S. Salamon

The entropy function for characteristic exponents,
by T. Bohr & D. Rand

Harmonic, Gibbs and Hausdorff measures on repellers for holomorphic maps,
by F. Przytycki, M. Urbánski & A. Zdunik

Differential operators on an affine curve,
by S.P. Smith & J.T. Stafford

Contributions to Riemann-Roch on projective 3-folds with only canonical singularities and applications,
by A.R. Fletcher

Some flesh on the skeleton: the bifurcation of bimodal maps,
by R.S. MacKay & C. Tresser

Complexity versus disorder in the cardiac monitoring problem: a four-minute warning,
by A.J. Mandell

Young person's guide to canonical singularities,
by M. Reid

An exhaustive criterion for the non-existence of invariant circles for area-preserving twist maps,
by J. Stark

On the poset of p-subgroups of a p-solvable group,
by T.O. Hawkes & I.M. Isaacs

How to be sure of solving a complex polynomial using Newton's method,
by A. Manning

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