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WMI Preprints 2010

A Surface Phase Field Model For Two-Phase Biological Membranes
Charles M Elliott & Björn Stinner

Top Terms of Trace Polynomials in Kra's Plumbing Construction
Sara Maloni & Caroline Series

A Compact Universal Differentiability set with Hausdorff Dimension one
Michael Dore & Olga Maleva

Multi-Scale Genectic Dynamic Modelling I:An Algorithm to Compute Generators. An Algorithmic Markov Chain Based Approach
Markus Kirkilionis, Ulrich Janus & Luca Sbano

Multi-Scale Genectic Dynamic Modelling II: Application to Synthetic Biology
Markus Kirkilionis, Ulrich Janus & Luca Sbano

Smooth Pi Algebras with Finite Divisor Class Group
Amiram Braun and Charudatta Hajarnavis

The Failure of the Artin-Rees Property for the Jacobson Radical in prime Noetherian Rings
Amiram Braun and Charudatta Hajarnavis






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