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Research Excellence Framework: REF2021

Warwick Mathematical Sciences REF2021

The outcomes of Research Excellence Framework REF2021 have been publishedLink opens in a new window.

The Warwick submission in Mathematical Sciences combined the Warwick Mathematics Institute and the Department of StatisticsLink opens in a new window.

The submission consisted of

  • 294 published research articles (Outputs) from 139 staff.
  • 9 detailed Impact Case Studies highlighting the impact of our research.
  • A discursive component detailing the research Environment.

Outstanding results

The research profile returned by REF2021 shows the outstanding quality of research in Mathematical Sciences at Warwick. The Warwick Mathematics Institute continues to shine as one of the leading mathematical sciences institutes in the country.

Overall Warwick Research Profile in Mathematical Sciences

65% ranked World Leading (4*)
34% ranked Internationally Excellent (3*)
1% rank Internationally Recognized (2*)

This overall profile is a weighted average of individual profiles described below.

World leading on all fronts

REF2021 is good news for Warwick Mathematics on all fronts: Warwick research has enormous strengths as shown by the high proportion of World Leading content in our Research Outputs. We are proud of our highly-rated Impact Case Studies, demonstrating how Warwick mathematics tackles important problems in the UK and across the world. The Environment of Warwick Mathematical Sciences is exceptionally strong.

Breakdown by Individual Profile

REF2021 results consist of quality profiles for

  • Outputs
  • Impact
  • Environment

Each profile quantifies the proportion of the submission at

  • 4* (World Leading)
  • 3* (Internationally Excellent)
  • 2* (Internationally Recognized)
  • 1* (Nationally Recognized)
  • unclassified

This overall profile is weighted 0.6 x Output + 0.25 x Impact + 0.15 x Environment. 

Our Outputs

Our 294 Research Outputs obtained a profile of:
55.6% at 4*
43.0% at 3*
1.1% at 2*

Our Impact

Our 9 Impact Case Studies obtained a profile of:
72.2% at 4*
27.8% at 3*

Our Environment

The strong Environment within Warwick Mathematical Sciences obtained a profile of:
87.5% at 4*
12.5% at 3*

Impact of our research

Our research on mathematics for real-world systems tackles important problems in the UK and across the world, making a significant difference on a range of issues.

The global pandemic illustrated the importance of mathematical modelling and how Warwick, as a UK leader in the mathematics of infectious diseases, stepped up to this unprecedented challenge.

Impact Case Studies

5 of the 9 Impact Case Studies came from the Mathematics Institute and illustrate the significant impact Warwick Mathematics is making to society. One case study is related to national security and is therefore not publicly available. The remaining 4 are:

  1. Responsive Modelling of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Programme
  3. Neglected Tropical Diseases
  4. Modelling of Animal Diseases in US

Read more about the impact from mathematicsLink opens in a new window and statisticsLink opens in a new window

Size and Breadth

With 139 staff submitted, the Warwick Mathematical Sciences submission is one of the country's largest. It is comprehensive in the breadth of its coverage. The submission included 32 early-career researchers (ECRs).

By department

139 staff submitted
90 Maths
48 Stats
1 Joint

Early Career Researchers

32 ECRs total, with 20 in mathematics and 12 in statistics.

About REF

The REF is the UK’s system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. It first took place in 2014. The second exercise took place in 2021. See REF2021Link opens in a new window for full details.