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U/G News and Updates

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Undergraduate Handbook updates

Please note that now all the exam boards are over we are beginning Undergraduate Handbook updates. This is done over the summer ON THE LIVE SITE, so if you access it you will see information changing for next year, and occasionally dead links as we move things around. Links to module Moodle pages will remain the old pages or become broken links until they have been updated. There is a pdf version of the current site uploaded for reference, link at bottom of main page.

Until the start of September you should bear in mind that not all the information in the handbook will be correct, indeed, there are likely to be small changes to the availability of 3rd or 4th year modules even after pages have been updated so please do not make any definitive plans on module choices until September.

Mon 10 Jul 2023, 18:56 | Tags: Course Handbook Updates News

Update to regulations for 2023/24 Year 2

The page for next year's Year 2 module choices has now been updated with modules likely to be running with the new curriculum. It can be found at: 

Note, as with the other year pages, this is subject to change over the summer, but should be a pretty accurate representation of what is running.

Mon 22 May 2023, 15:15 | Tags: Course Handbook Updates

First Year Analysis and Revision Material

The sessions that Andrew Brendon-Penn and Richard Lissaman put on for first years can all be found here:

and a reminder that the introduction to first year exam boards for Maths Students that Dave Wood did is here:

Tue 04 Apr 2023, 14:50

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