Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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Coronavirus Updates for Maths Undergraduates

Please note that the department's core Teaching Team has limited resources for replying individually to students who send us queries regarding arrangements (especially since we too are working under restrictions and personal concerns at this time). We know that there is considerable anxiety, and some reassurance is helpful, but the chances are that if the answer to your question is not below, in the maths student FAQs, or the University FAQs then we simply do not yet know the answer, or the University has asked us to not yet tell you. Please think before emailing us, thank you!

Last update: 28th March 2020. To be informed when this page is updated click on the "Notify" link in the top banner.

Recent updates are in italics.

For latest updates from the University, and current advice please see the University Coronavirus Advice page. This page is just for specific information for Mathematics Undergraduates. Students from other departments who are taking maths modules may find some of this page useful, but please refer to your home department for specific arrangements for your courses.

The situation at the moment is still very fluid, so please keep checking back for any changes to the below as and when decisions are made, and check your Warwick email frequently for updates from the the Head of Department and University.

As always, the most important point is that you look after your health and overall wellbeing, and stay safe: practise social distancing (even though it can be very difficult), wash your hands regularly, keep in safe touch with friends and family (using social media or phone calls), and continue to look after yourself as usual (eating and sleeping as well as possible under the circumstances, reserving time for intellectual work, and for exercise subject whatever guidance the government is giving at the time).

As far as academic work goes, for non-first years please continue to revise for exams as though they are going ahead to the advertised schedules (only the April exam timetable is out at this stage); see the remarks on Exams below. Although the usual written exams taken in person on campus will not go ahead, the university is committed to rigorous assessment so that students may graduate in the usual way. The university may well have to amend exam timetables, but for now the best policy is to work as though the existing ones may take place as planned. We are very sorry that so much is unknown at this stage, and we realise it will be an additional source of stress for many students. The moment we hear something about assessment, we will get in touch with all students.

Tier 4 Students

If you are a tier 4 visa holder and you will not be in the UK for a period greater than 3 months, then you will need to request a change in study location. To request a change in study location please see guidance here and then contact the Undergrad Office with details of the dates that you will be leaving, returning (assume next academic year) and your new address, which you should also update on my.warwick

Personal Tutors and the Undergraduate Office

Although the Zeeman building is physically closed, all Personal Tutors and Undergraduate Office should be available by email and the UG Office is open for business remotely. Although Tutors at the moment also have limited knowledge of what procedures will be in place next term, they are still there to offer advice and support at this difficult time. For all other queries please contact the Undergraduate Office using but please do not expect a quick response to non-urgent queries, and make sure you have checked the FAQ first.

Term 3 Lectures

The current situation is that all teaching that was scheduled to take place in Term 3 has been cancelled rather than replaced with online provision. So in particular MA112 Experimental Maths, MA209 Variational Principles and MA256 Introduction to Systems Biology will no longer be taking place. If removing these modules from your registrations brings you under 120 CATS you will not be disadvantaged for this, but at present we cannot confirm exactly how this will be achieved.

Outstanding Assessment

We expect students to submit 2nd Year Essays, 3rd Year Essays and 4th Year Projects through Tabula as normal, but the University has recently announced that all outstanding assessment deadlines will be given an automatic 2 week extension. This means that the 2nd and 3rd Year Essays will now have a deadline of 7th May, and the 4th Year Projects a deadline of 14th April (note this is a 2 week extension from the original deadline).

We will not require a paper copy as well. Outstanding presentations and vivas will not be required and those modules will have their component marks re-weighted to compensate.


The April 2020 Exam timetable has now been released Please do check it for the modules that you will be examined for in that period and make sure that you make a note of when they are. At the moment the timings are just down as AM and PM, don't worry about that, you will be sent more information about when exactly they will start and finish, and the process you will need to undertake, nearer the time (the department is still waiting for confirmation on this, based on what we have requested).

As of 24th March the University have confirmed that first year exams will not take place in term 3. Confirmation on what this means for progression to the second year have not yet been finalised, but we expect that the vast majority of first years have already demonstrated a sufficient standard to do so. Discussion is currently happening at department level as to what this means for students who are resitting first year exams this Summer, we will let you know as soon as we are able. The first year will no longer contribute credit towards your final degree classification, again confirmation on how the other years of your degree will be weighted will be coming by Term 3.

Alternatives to standard exams for years 2 to 4 are being coordinated by the University, possible alternatives can be found in the latest update from the University. Other than that we are aware of various concerns that students have. These are being taken into account. Whatever the solution is, we will explain it in detail well in advance, and give you lots of opportunity to ask questions. Exam Boards will be sympathetic to the conditions under which any assessment will be undertaken, and endeavour to ensure that no students are disadvantaged. In addition to such general approaches to ensure students' performance is measured fairly, the Mitigating Circumstances process will work in the usual way to consider more specific individual cases. But do see recent updates on the University pages. In the meantime:

  • Assume that there will be some alternative exam-like assessment for all your modules, and prepare for them with that in mind (i.e. continue with any revision that you were planning to do anyway);
  • It is safe to assume that any assessment will be largely considered to be "open book", so don't spend as much time as you normally would trying to learn by rote definitions and statement of results, it would be more beneficial to know where to find them in your notes, and to understand what they are saying (although if you do know them accurately then that will always be an advantage to you throughout your degree and all forms of assessment);
  • If you have alternative exam arrangements we will be in touch once assessment methods have been publicised to sure that we can take them into account somehow, try not to worry.


At the moment we know that the uncertainty over arrangements to be put into place is causing additional anxiety for everyone. Please do reach out to your personal tutors, or to each other. Wellbeing Support will also still be available, but please bear in mind that they are also likely to be overwhelmed at the moment and slow to respond.