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The First Year Exam Board and Results

Note that if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical) that you have informed us about then these are taken into account in the decisions below. It is unusual to use such information to alter the carry forward Seymour, but all notes on file are carried forward to the finals exam board in case the second year Seymour would have an adverse effect on a final degree classification, and in serious cases the Board can make recommendations to the final exam board on how to treat the second year Seymour.

First year exam results are considered by an Internal Exam Board on the Monday of Week 10, and then taken to the Sub-Faculty of Science First Year Board of Examiners. Once this meeting has taken place, first years are allowed to collect their results from their Personal Tutor (usually at 2pm in Thursday).

Decisions of the Exam Board

The exam board can (informally) award a classification for the first year (1st, 2.1, 2.2 or a 3) or ask you to retake some of the exams in September as a resit. You must pass the 4 required cores (Analysis, Linear Algebra, DIfferential Equations and Geometry and Motion) in order to proceed into the second year as well as obtaining an overall 40% for the year and passing at least 80 CATS of modules at 40%. Joint degree students must, in addition, pass EC107 (GL11 Maths and Economics).

Those resitting exams in September will either be allowed to proceed to honours or will be required to withdraw depending on whether they reach these targets.

If a module is failed in June and passed on resit, a bare pass mark of 40% is carried forward and used to calculate the first year score that will be used in future years.

Sometimes, if there are extenuating circumstances in the Summer exams a student may be given the opportunity to resit exams in September as a first attempt. In these cases the mark carried forward will be the one achieved in the resit exam. If such an exam is failed, and is a "required core" then a further resit will be required the following June, during which time the student will not be resident at the University.

NOTE: Regulations do not allow you to appeal against these decisions, but if you have extenuating circumstances that the board were not aware of you should tell your tutor and submit any documentation as soon as possible to the Undergraduate Office together with an explanation of why you did not submit it earlier.


Exams are not remarked, and neither you, nor your Personal Tutor, are permitted to see any of your exam scripts. If you have zeros that you think you shouldn't have then you should contact the Undergraduate Office by email immediately. If you are merely disappointed with your marks then I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done. If you think there has been some procedural irregularity, please bring it to the attention of the UG office, but do not expect an instant response. The department's priority in the weeks immediately after term will be with finalists since any of their queries need to be sorted out as a matter of extreme urgency.