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MA932 - Module Resources


Assessment of the RSGs is primarily group based and will include teamworking skills as part of the assessment criteria. These are the actual forms which will be used by the assessors so please read them.

  • Participation and contribution to overall execution of project (individual assessment): 25% + pass/fail hurdle.
  • Group Poster presentation: 25% (poster assessment form). Submit your poster here.
  • PhD students will informally mark the posters during the Annual Conference, as part of their Transferable Skills training. The PhD student marker's form can be found here (it is slightly different to the official assessor's form).
  • Group Written report (group report assessment): 50% Submit your report here.
    Regarding the formatting and structure, the report should be written as a journal article using the style/template of a journal appropriate for the field of the research, which you should agree on with the academic convenor of the group. If the journal you selected has a page limit, it can be ignored but the report should not exceed 8000 words (common sense should be used if there are a lot of equations).
    Regarding content, the report should be understandable by your fellow students, so the introduction and literature review could be a bit more detailed than in a research paper.