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Social Care in the WM

Mission Statement: Our shared purpose and strategy

The West Midlands Social Care Research Partnership brings together our research, practice and lived experience to improve wellbeing of individual and communities in the West Midlands.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Building connections between researchers, practitioners and people with lived experience in the West Midlands and beyond.
  • Developing the social care research capacity and skills in the region, including those from practice and lived experience communities.
  • Learning from each other to develop approaches to research that are inclusive and represent all members of our communities, including those under-represented in research.
  • Facilitating knowledge-sharing, networking, and growing ideas for social care research that make a difference to policy and practice.
  • Working with others to better share insights from research and how these can be embedded in practice.
  • Being a collective voice to influence the research agenda in the West Midlands.
Who We Are

Paul Bird, West Midlands AHSN

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Andrea Shilton, CRN West Midlands

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Jenny Harlock, RDS West Midlands

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Previous Events
Growing Social Care Research in the West Midlands

The West Midlands Social Care Research Partnership hosted the first 'Growing Social Care in the West Midlands' network event on 19th October 2021 (flyerLink opens in a new window).

The event was well-attended and participants included researchers, practitioners, people with lived-experience, commissioners and providers of adult social care, and/or those at the health and social care interface in the West Midlands. A short report from the event is now availableLink opens in a new window.

You can access the recording from the event here: Growing Social Care Research Event (external link to YouTube).

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