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Evaluation of Sector-led Improvement in Adult Social Care

Leads: Professor Robin Miller, Ms Sharanya Nama Mahesh (Social Care)

Dates: October 2020 - March 2021


The local authorities in the West Midlands have coordinated a regional peer-review challenge process regarding social care support for adults. This is an intensive three day process in which a regional team including peers from other authorities including a Director of Adult Social Services (DaSS) and a Principal Social Worker (PSW). The review team also includes someone from the local area with lived experience of social care support. The peer-review is coordinated by the WM ADASS with local authorities committing their time on a voluntary and reciprocal basis.

Policy and Practice Partners:

This project has been developed in partnership with WM ADASS.

Co-Funding Partners:


Aims and Objectives:

This study will explore the value of the peer review from the perspectives of different stakeholder groups and local authorities to identify how it could be improved in future. The evaluation will also scope out questions for a longer term research project from external funding.


This study has a mixed methods design with stakeholders involved in the peer challenge process, including qualitative interviews, survey and focus groups. Stakeholders will include Directors of Adult Social Services, Elected Members, Reviews with Lived Experience, and Principle Social Workers.

Main Results:




Implications for Implementation:

The project will support WM ADASS to identify how the peer challenge process can be improved in the West Midlands region. WM ADASS are also arranging for it to be presented at national events organised by ADASS and the LGA.

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