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Development of a TV Technology Platform to Connect Isolated, Older People to Other Care Services

Lead: Prof Eivor Oborn (Organisational Science) with industrial partner

PPI lab in Brighton (partner) is a hub for engaging with elderly technology users was important in the first 2 years of tech development. Currently a strategic collaboration with global hardware firm has shifted the next phase of hardware development offshore. Next version will be launched in September 2021, with new round of user testing. We will at this point interview some of the designated ‘super users’, mostly located in either NHS context or through the Brighton Lab.

Dates: 2018 - 2023


Many isolated elderly persons would benefit from social contact and social integration. Technology skills are typically low in this group and thus most current technical devices or apps do not meet the needs of this user group. Kraydel Inc is providing a technical solution that turns a standard TV into an online platform. It works with remote control functions normal to the TV and integrates through the remote user calling on a smart phone device through the designated app. This device set up is being developed and trialled in a number of contexts, including for example social care support following hospital discharge to contact patient/user remotely as part of monitoring and communication. A number of functions can be integrated into the app using sensor device and Bluetooth technology. An innovation Lab is connected to the technology development process.

Policy and Practice Partners:

Currently the device is being used approximately ten NHS organisations. Some of these will hopefully convert to contracts for the new version of hardware and new software. There are also a number of Domiciliary care organisations using the product.

Kraydel, Inc., Innovation Lab.

Co-Funding Partners:

Kraydel, Inc., Innovation Lab.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Examine the implementation of Kraydel system, including technology development process with relevant user groups.
  • Examine user engagement with the system, including user satisfaction, types of usage, system challenges and influence on perceived user resilience.
  • Examine the business model and scaling process of developing Kraydel offering.
  • Findings will be integrated with wider study related to user outcomes organised by Kraydel Inc.


Qualitative in-depth case study, using participant observation at Innovation Lab in Brighton; interviews; field note diaries.

Main Results:

In process.


In process.

Implications for Implementation:

We are following the long term development of small start up firm into a new market. Implementation findings will be related to a number of areas, including tech entrepreneurship, elder care, and integration of health organisation with domiciliary care.

Mon 07 Dec 2020, 12:32 | Tags: Organisational Science Eivor Oborn Social Care