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COVID19 - Your NHS Needs You

Help us find a vaccine for COVID-19 by displaying a poster in your practice.

For a high-resolution PDF of the poster, please contact your local research facilitator.

Join the COVID-19 vaccine research registry.

The new NHS vaccine research registry will help NHS-approved researchers to get in touch with volunteers who can:

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2, Researchers will contact them with suitable studies and they can then decide to take part or not

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Wed 22 Jul 2020, 15:28 | Tags: New COVID-19 Summer 2020

The experiences of setting up a community peer support group that promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS)



Objectives: To understand the experiences of a setting up a community physical activity (PA) support group that promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS)

Design: A hermeneutic phenomenological methodology with a subtle realist paradigm

Setting: In person at the University of Birmingham or via Skype.  

Participants: A purposive sample of 6 individuals with MS (5 Female, 1 Male) was included. Eligibility criteria was a) attended previous PA ice breaker event, b) >18 years and c) >3 years since diagnosis

Intervention: Event bringing together individuals to discuss PA for newly diagnosed MS patients. Following this event, they chose to stay in contact and create their own support group.

Main outcome: Demographic details taken include age, gender, time since diagnosis and type of MS. The main outcome measure was a semi-structured interview with various sub-sections. Thematic analysis identified the main concepts and ideas from the interviews, and wider literature was integrated to enhance data reliability.

Results: Four major themes and nine sub themes arose from interviews, centred around individuals establishing a new social identity from group participation and being empowered to change. Group interaction is particularly significant as it occurs in a relaxed context, which is emphasised as a contrast to the clinical and disease focused healthcare environment. There are some barriers to joining, but the group has benefitted all individuals involved.

Conclusions: There is a need for policy and practice providers need to consider the value of peer support for individuals with MS.

Wed 15 Jan 2020, 10:35 | Tags: Local Research Autumn 2019


IQVIA MRES (Medical Research Extraction Scheme)

The Clinical Research Network West Midlands is pleased to announce that we are working with IQVIA to support practices to sign up to the Medical Research Extraction Scheme.

Wed 18 Sep 2019, 13:58 | Tags: Hot Topics Autumn 2019

Research Sites Initiative Scheme

Changes to the Research Sites Initiative Scheme

After running its current format for several years, the Research Sites Initiative (RSI) scheme is now being reviewed. With the changing primary care landscape, with practices merging and new Primary Care Networks emerging, we need to ensure that any future scheme is fit for purpose and can work with all GP practices, wherever the list size.

Wed 18 Sep 2019, 13:55 | Tags: CRN Autumn 2019

Fundamentals of Good Clinical Practice

Fundamentals of Clinical Research Delivery

Last year the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) released a new training course called “Fundamentals of Clinical Research Delivery”, which members of the CRN WM primary care GCP facilitator working group have recently amended to make more relevant to primary care.

Wed 18 Sep 2019, 13:47 | Tags: CRN Autumn 2019



The relationship between outcomes and time after diagnosis for patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) is poorly defined, especially beyond the first year.

Wed 18 Sep 2019, 12:21 | Tags: Study Results Autumn 2019



is a pragmatic multicentre open-label randomised controlled trial to determine whether the addition of low-dose aspirin to usual care reduces the risk of major vascular events in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who do not have pre-existing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Wed 18 Sep 2019, 12:20 | Tags: Study Autumn 2019

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