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eTHOS: enhancing The Health Of NHS Staff

Absenteeism and presenteeism costs the NHS approximately £2.4 billion per year and is associated with worse patient outcomes.

The main causes of NHS staff absenteeism are musculoskeletal complaints and mental ill-health. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity and low levels of exercise leading to poor cardiovascular health are also important factors.

 eTHOS is a multicentre, randomised controlled pilot trial of an employee health screening clinic for NHS staff. The aim of this NIHR funded trial is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a complex intervention in reducing absenteeism and presenteeism in NHS staff, comparing a hospital-based staff health screening and referral clinic with usual care.

 What will it involve for participants?

· Participants will provide written consent and complete on-line questionnaires at baseline, 26 and 52 weeks

· Participants randomised to either

a. attend the staff health clinic and receive assessment for their musculoskeletal, mental and cardiovascular health (or lifestyle advice for those <40 years)

b. usual care – they would not attend the staff health clinic but would see their GP if they had any health concerns

 What will it involve for GP practices?

· We will inform you if any of your patients consent to participate

· We will notify you of any test results and potential actions that you may wish to consider

· We may invite you to tell us about your experience of receiving information from the trial and the acceptability of the process

 If you would like to find out more please contact the trial team at