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HRA Approval

When HRA Approval is fully rolled out, it will remove the need for NHS permission to be issued by each participating organisation and will replace the local R&D approval process. HRA Approval will support and complement local processes relating to assessing, arranging and confirming local capacity and capability to undertake the study. When HRA Approval is in place and local capacity and capability confirmed, sites will be able to confirm with the sponsor their readiness to recruit and the study will start at the site. The new system will simplify the approvals process for research, making it easier for research studies to be set up.


When will it happen?

The phased roll out of HRA Approval began on 11 May 2015 and will commence for primary care studies on the 10th August 2015. Further details of the exact process will follow to GP’s involved in research studies and the HRA have developed an information sheet that may be helpful and can be found using the link; -



NIHR CRN funded staff will continue to support the set-up of CRN Portfolio studies within primary care and will work with local research delivery teams and support departments to facilitate local capacity and capability decision making.


For further information please see the HRA website or contact Pam Devall on