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African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC)

Established in 2001, APHRC is committed to generating an Africa-led and Africa-owned body of evidence to inform decision making for an effective and sustainable response to the most critical challenges facing the continent.


The centre’s mandate is to generate and support the use of evidence for meaningful action to improve the lives of all Africans through three integrated programmatic divisions: research, that emphasizes health and wellbeing; research capacity strengthening to deepen the skills of African scholars working on the continent; and policy engagement and communications to support greater influence of evidence in policy Рand decision-making across sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Catherine Kyobutungi, Executive Director is the partner lead for Kenya and the Deputy Director of the Unit. She was formerly the Director of Research and has served APHRC in several leadership roles over the past decade, having joined as a Post-doctoral Fellow in May, 2006.

Dr Kyobutungi's research interests include:

  • migrant health
  • community participation in health
  • epidemiology of non-communicable diseases.

Dr Catherine Kyobutungi is supported by her research team

  • Caroline Kabaria, Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
  • Pauline Bakibinga, Associate Research Scientist
  • Shukri Mohammed, Research Officer
  • Peter Kibe, Research Officer
  • Blessing Mberu, Head of Urbanisation and Wellbeing
  • Ziraba Kasiira, Head of Health Systems
  • Nelson Mbaya, Data Systems Manager
  • Dominic Kioo, Program Accountant
  • Anne Njeri, Research Assistant

Our research in Kenya is being conducted in two slum sites in Nairobi: Viwandani and Korogocho.

For more information about the APHRC, please follow this link.