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Work Package 3

Curation and synthesis of the literature on models of health service delivery relevant to the slum context

This is a cross-cutting work package which will support the development of the work of the other packages and the unit as a whole through synthesis of existing literature. It is led by Prof Lilford who is also director of the unit.

The evidence synthesis activities will span the whole life of this research programme and their focuses will in part be guided by emerging themes and needs of the programme. Therefore the exact topics and scopes of individual evidence reviews will be determined jointly by members of the project team, the scientific advisory group and wider stakeholders. The reviews that are relevant to this project will take different forms and can be broadly classified as follows:

Demand side: We will perform systematic reviews and overviews of the literature concerning disease burden for residents in slums. Protocols will be written and uploaded on Prospero for this purpose. This theme of work will be led by Dr Ola Uthman, but we suspect that collaborators abroad and PhD students to be appointed to the project will carve out areas of work on which they will lead. The work builds on an existing overview from our group (16).

Supply side: Relevant models of health service configuration are key to this research Unit.