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Sara Estecha Querol

Sara Estecha Querol

Educational background and interests:

Sara's Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, a Master of Public Health, and experience as a researcher in both the GENUD research group at the University of Zaragoza, Spain and the URGE research group at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands helped develop an understanding of obesity, eating disorders, and quantitative analysis. In addition, as a part of Sara's Master of Philosophy studies at the University of Liverpool, UK she developed a project that explored experiences with food insecurity and medicines poverty in cardiovascular disease burdened, low-income individuals living in Liverpool, using qualitative research methods. Before starting her PhD studies at the University of Warwick, UK she worked as a Nutrition Research Project Developer on a European Commission project on the double burden of malnutrition and anthropometry in developing countries at the Food Security Unit, JRC Ispra, Italy.

PhD project focus:

Sara is interested in studying the triple burden of malnutrition (coexistence of undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and overnutrition) in developing countries. Specifically, her project will explore the causes of malnutrition in Pakistani adolescents living in slums and will use both quantitative and qualitative research methods.


Professor Paramjit Gill and Dr Lena Alkhudairy