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Mary Osuh

Mary Osuh

Educational background and interests:

Mary is a Nigerian trained dentist and a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College, Faculty of Dentistry, Nigeria and holds a Master of Public Health in Community Health. Presently, Mary is a Lecturer and Consultant Community Dentist with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and the University College Hospital. Her work experience in the last decade has spanned epidemiology of common oral diseases, community dental service uptake and provision with a focus on underserved populations and slum communities in South West Nigeria, and she has led targeted intervention programmes within these disadvantaged urban and rural areas.

PhD project focus:

Mary is interested in studying the already high and increasing burden of oral diseases among slum dwellers. As a doctoral student on the Global Health research project on Improving Health in Slums at the University of Warwick, UK Mary's project is focused on improving the oral health of slum dwellers. She will investigate the determinants of oral diseases and assess the oral health care needs of residents of a slum setting, Idikan community and compare these findings to a non-slum setting, Okeado community, Nigeria. This project is designed to provide vital baseline data for researchers and policy makers to design context-appropriate interventions in the study areas.


Professor Richard J. Lilford and Dr Yen-Fu Chen