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Data Sharing & Collaboration

The OHCAO project has a strong and growing research agenda, and welcome applications from groups to use the registry data in research projects.

Researchers who want to analyse ambulance-service-level or national-level aggregate data must submit a research proposal to the OHCAO Academic Committee. The committee evaluates the proposal for scientific merit and makes recommendations to the researcher. If the committee approves the proposal, OHCAO will provide the researcher with the anonymised dataset after the lead authors receive local IRB approval from their institutions. Any research reports or publications shall not separately identify participating EMS agencies or hospitals or their contributed data. The researcher must sign a data use agreement stating they will not share the dataset or expand the analysis beyond the scope of the proposal.

We have provided additional information we believe will be useful in making an application to use the OHCAO data:

Click here for further information on the submitting a data sharing application request.

Studies in the which the OHCAO project are sharing data include:

  • Pre-Hospital Critical Care for OHCA: This work is examining the role of critical care teams in OHCAs, do they improve survival, how do they work, how much do they cost, and improvements in research in field
  • Public Health England: PHE added further information to the registry by identifying the type of location of an OHCA in respect of the data subjects and categorised it accordingly, using AddressBase

Projects in which the OHCAO project are collaborating include:

  • EuReCa One: A study that determined the incidence, process and outcome of OHCA throughout Europe
  • EuReCa Two: A study that is proposing to examine bystander CPR rates over a 2-month period in 2017 throughout Europe


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