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Visualise Anna's data

This tool is based on Anna's research data. She gave me her data of a magnetic surface and an electron trajectory, to be able to visualise the single electron dynamics in the presence of the magnetic reconnection fields following her calculations of the evolution of the electron distribution function and of its moments.

Here are some screenshots of the simulation:


If you would like to try the simulation, please note, that depending on your machine the loading time might be quite long. To start the simulation, please click on Simulation Anna's data in the upper navigation bar.

If the simulation does not work in your browser, or if you prefer, you might want to download the jar File and start it on your computer. (By double click or unix execute something like java -jar jarfile.jar). Link to simulation.

Download Jar with simulation.


The Simulation was made with EJS, please click on this link if you would like to get further information about EJS