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Help for Tokamak Simulation Applet


Description of Applet

The tokamak simulation is divided in two areas: the 3D visualisation area and the control area realised as a tabbed panel.

3D Visualisation Area

Within the 3D visualisation area the chosen scenario is pictured and can be turned by holding down the mouse button and dragging within this area.

Tabbed Control

The tabbed control panel is divided in five sections that will be described separately.

Main Panel

In the main Panel different pre-set scenarios can be chosen (default, MAST, JET, ASDEX-U, DIII-D, NSTX, ITER), for each scenario the shown solution can either be calculated with the solovev or the large aspect scenario.

In addition to the pre-set scenarios the quantities major_radius, minor_radius, kappa and I_edge can be adjusted manually.

Other controls include the possibility to change the color scheme (fine tuning of color is available in the settings panel), to reset, help, save images, save and load models and choose saved model with a combo box.

Particle Panel


In the particle panel the appearance oft he chosen scenario can be change. The value flux surface defined the rightmost position of the chosen surface along the x Axis (in the settings 2 Panel the Axis can be shown, default is invisible).

Percent of path enables the user to show only a fraction oft he calculated path, likewise fraction of torus allows to change the amount oft he torus shown.

In the particle settings the starting point of the particle paths (poloidal angle) and the corresponding parameters can be chosen for all three path, the box around those settings is colored as the path itself.

The settings dt, sample rate and calculation steps change the accuracy of the path calculation, unreasonable values can break the simulation.

Viewpoint Panel


Zooming in and out is possible via buttons or by explicit choosing of a value with screenAt (with is preset at different values for different scenarios or user chosen simulation values). Also the scenario can be rotated in different directions.

Settings Panel


In the first settings panel, apart from setting color and transparency values the option to show the projection of the path is offered.

Settings 2 Panel


The last panel allows the change the manner in with the fieldlines are visualised. Also coordinate axes can be shown.