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Network Structure

Primary Investigator: Dr. Bogdan Hnat, CFSA, Physics Department, University of Warwick

Co-Investigator: Dr. Tobias Galla, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester

Advisory Board (AB): the role of the board is to broadly oversee and influence the activities of the network as well as to reviewing the scientific strategy and the main challenges regularly. The primary instrument will be the allocation of funds for small research proposals. The mixed membership of the AB will ensure impartiality and neutrality in assessment and equal access to the funds for all nodes of the network. The AB members will meet twice a year to assess proposals and collect feedback on current and finished projects and to suggest new members for the network. The AB members are:

Prof. Robin Ball (Warwick University), Prof. Henrik Jensen (Imperial College), Prof. Julia Yeomans (Oxford University), Prof. John Chalker (Oxford University), Prof. Stephen Elliott (Cambridge University), Prof. Alan McKane (Manchester University), Prof. Peter Sollich (KCL), Prof. Martin Evans (Edinburgh University), Prof. Richard Dendy (CCFE, Culham), Dr. Patrick Warren (Unilever)

Industrial Forum (IF): the IF will advise the Network members and the AB on the current needs and interests of industry in relation to this call. The Forum will also promote the wider participation in the network by assessing requests for visits from international experts and leaders in specific areas. The activities of the IF will be largely conducted via an on-line forum using, for example, the LinkedIn web site.

PI will be responsible for delivering outcomes of the Network as stated in this document. PI and Co-I will jointly provide broad coordination and administrative support for the NetworkPlus. In particular, the PI will chair all the Advisory Board meetings, while the Co-I will act as a secretary for these meetings. They will facilitate the organisation of general discussion meetings (GNDM, see above). The Co-I will oversee the web presence development activities.

Node (no more than two per one institution) leaders (see Network Membership link) will be responsible for daily contact between PI, Co-I, AB and collaborating groups.