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Academic homepage of Francis Casson (F.J. Casson)

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED (in fact, I am unable to edit it since 20 Jul 2011 )

If I create a new page, it will probably appear here

Currently: Currently: Researcher at CCFE

Former position: CFSA PhD Student

Former supervisor: Arthur Peeters

Topic: Turbulent transport in rotating tokamak plasmas

Funding: EPSRC and CCFE

Background: Mathematical Physics MSci from The University of Nottingham

Research InterestsFlux Tube

  • Gyrokinetic theory and numerics (GKW)
  • Anomalous transport of heat, impurities and momentum in tokamaks
  • Strong rotation and non-inertial frames in tokamak plasmas
  • Comparison of turbulence measurement and simulation
  • High performance computing for gyrokinetics

Selected publications

Conferences and workshops

Why fusion?Fusion weather 

If not fusion?

  • Mountains
  • Sea

Nonllinear gyrokinetic turbulence

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