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Daniel Fletcher

Position: CFSA PhD Student

Supervisor: Tony Arber

Topic: Collision Operators for Direct Vlasov Solvers

Funding: EPSRC HEC

Project Outline: Existing codes for directly solving for the particle distribution function in laser plasma interaction studies either assume a collisionless plasma or solve for the full Fokker-Planck terms. The former approach is the basis of an existing code at Warwick (VALIS). The latter approach is incapable of including the direct laser driver and computationally expensive. This project aims to assess the accuracy of reduced collision operators, based on the BGK model operators, when applied to the existing Warwick collisionless code. These will be tested against known transport coefficients for fully ionised plasmas for accuracy. The optimal scheme will then be scaled to HPC systems with at least 10k cores. The final optimised code will be used to assess the viability of fast electron triggered fast ignition schemes.


Email : d.fletcher{at}

Room : PS125